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Resources for Coping

Please take a moment to watch the attached video. It contains information about a free resource made available by Dr. Elvira Lang, MD. Dr. Lang has pioneered the development and implementation of Comfort Talk within hospitals internationally. This skill set assists you in reducing a client/patient’s stress and anxiety without medication. It has been tested and used in many hospitals in the USA and Canada and in Europe.

Comfort Talk® founder and award-winning interventional radiologist Dr. Elvira Lang is a former Associate Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, and a pioneer and leading world expert in the use of hypnosis during medical procedures. In fact, she literally “wrote the book” on the subject. Patient Sedation Without Medication draws on Dr. Lang’s nearly two decades of field experience serving thousands of patients.  | read full bio at 

The Comfort Talk® Pro App is available on both
App Store & Google Play at

The video also suggests some resources that I have accumulated over the past 10 years which address our services as crisis interveners and counsellors assisting in situations that involve mass casualty incidents. Please stay safe and healthy. My best to you, Len McEwen, MSW, RSW, FCFCH-AD Highlander Counselling & Mediation (780) 903-3961