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Grief’s Five Paths II

The last video I posted was on the topic of “Grief’s Five Paths, Changing Lives of Older Citizens’ study. The book reference that I alluded to in my video also contained a number of very interesting findings. This video presents those findings and some conversation about their impact on older citizens and on those who serve them as counsellors. I found them most interesting. I hope that you do as well.

One of the discussions that I found particularly interesting was the presentation of information about how our grief responses are based in evolution. Our grief responses have been designed over time to protect us. I found this fascinating. It begs the question, “As we are changing our response to grief and loss and funerals, largely through avoidance, what is that doing to our adaptive capacity given our response to grief and loss has been largely determined by evolution?”

These findings also confirm other beliefs that we have held about grief and loss recovery including the benefit of having a spiritual belief and the pace of healing enjoyed by those who choose to help others with their grief.

Grief’s Five Paths I

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