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Bereavement & the Holidays

For many the months at the end of the year are very difficult. The anticipation of the holidays is dreaded. It is as though all of mankind is preparing to be with family and friends over the various holidays celebrated near the end of the year. The loss of persons special to one is difficult at the best of times but, for many, it becomes a time of loneliness and sorrow. Anniversaries of losses during this time are even more difficult to endure.

The new video on the site is a video about Bereavement & the Holidays. It offers suggestions to those who’s memories contain thoughts of losses and persons absent at this time of year. It becomes even more difficult if the anniversary of the loss of the special person occurs at this time.

I hope that the video is of assistance to you and yours or your friends and colleagues as we approach the holidays. The very best of the Holiday Season to All…..