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Neurofeedback is a variation of biofeedback. It facilitates changes in brain wave patterns and cerebral blood flow through the use of operant conditioning Both of these responses function to stimulate healing.

Neurofeedback is a comprehensive training system that promotes growth and change at the cellular level of an injured brain. It can encourage, enable and establish neuronal pathways that have been damaged or disrupted.

Founded upon computer-assisted tools, Neurofeedback uses qEEG and EEG equipment that can measure the brain wave activity and display it for the subject. The person is given a real time opportunity to respond in a fashion that moves them toward the training (treatment) goal.

The Neurofeedback monitors and feeds back brainwave activity that allows the subject to alter their brainwaves in a fashion that moves toward the more normal (goal) brain wave pattern.

Neurofeedback training focuses on the rehabilitation of the actual injured areas of the brain and empowers the patient to use their mind as a tool for personal healing. For more than 30 years, Neurofeedback has transformed the lives of those consigned to unresponsive brain injury.

Recovering from a Brain Injury

The therapeutic recovery from a brain injury, no matter what was the cause, is a complicated and often prolonged journey.  The process can involve difficult and intense therapies that produce little in the way of functional recovery.

There are few therapies that actually target and effectively reach the original site of injury and the focal point of the disability, which is the damaged tissue inside the brain.

In most therapies and rehabilitation programs, treatments will focus on the results or symptoms of the injured brain such as reducing spasticity, use of adaptive equipment and life-style changes to accommodate the disability.

Neurofeedback and Hyperbaric Oxygen are, at present, the only known therapies that target the original site of the brain injury and reach into where the disability begins.  These therapies incorporate a comprehensive diagnostic protocol that can help understand and address the root cause(s) of the dysfunction.

Neurofeedback and Hyperbaric Oxygen target and reach both the structure and function of the injured brain, sourcing the cause of the disability and not just the results or symptoms.
Both treastments are a powerful addition to any treatment plan without causing harmful side effects.

To find out more about Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments and Neurofeedback, a complimentary treatment, please download both of the following brochures.

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